Giuseppe De Lauri

_Normal heroes

Normal Heroes

Design Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Problem: Most of us don’t recognize the true heroes of our day. These everyday people deserve to be seen.

Solution: I created hero posters on true stories. I posted them to the Facebook and Instagram “Normal Heroes” pages with links to organizations and initiatives related to that hero’s story.

Followers can share their own stories to the Facebook page or nominate an unsung hero they know. The most interesting stories are selected to be "heroized," and so more heroes are then shared on social media. Anyone can donate directly to causes they care about.

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One of my checks was $238 and it was the week rent was due. My part of the rent is $220. So it was like I paid the rent. I had no other choice. But then I find myself borrowing and borrowing.
- Safiyyah


We heard a big bang on the runway. We looked over and saw the aircraft trailing smoke and flames
- Roger


For seven decades I kept my story to herself. Then, on my 90th birthday, I decided to reveal all.
- Grietje


When I was diagnosed at age 36, my husband and I avoided that anxiety by alerting friends with an email.
- Jennifer


I believe that we can all contribute to build a better world. Let’s find out who the real heroes are. Watch the videos below to see how I created these avatars. The project is ongoing! New stories are still being collected on the Facebook page "Normal Heroes".