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Microsoft Soundbyte

Design Tools: Sketch, Invision, Indesign, Illustrator, Axure, Photoshop After Effect, Premiere, Audacity, Cura

Over 460 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. Neither surgery nor a hearing aid can help correct this disability. Once lost, hearing cannot be restored. Microsoft Soundbyte is a smart earbud that detects and filters out hazardous sounds.

4 VEGA Digital Award 2018: 2 Platinum (Best UX/UI, Best Video) and 2 Bronze
Shortlist at Creative Conscience 2018
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_the challenge

Microsoft asked us to build a product, service, or solution to resolve the exclusion of the hard-of-hearing in a desk-less workplace. We were asked to use Inclusive Design as methodology, which embraces human diversity as a source of innovation to create experiences that work well for the widest number of people possible. To power this goal, we conceived a device and an App for people with hearing loss. 

I worked as a UX Researcher and Art Director with a team of designers, computer scientists, and visual designers. In my role, I ideated concepts, produced UX deliverables (User Flows, prototypes), presented them to clients, and produced a case study video. 

_problem statement

Over 460 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. People are constantly exposed to industrial and recreational activities that result in noise-induced hearing loss with the potential to severely reduce the quality of life for those affected. Once lost, hearing cannot be restored in humans. How can we help workers prevent hearing loss, as well as improve the hearing of those already losing it?


Check out more on the UX process here.


CW: Giuseppe De Lauri, Margherita Teodori
Giuseppe De Lauri, Kang Soo Cho
Giuseppe De Lauri