Giuseppe De Lauri




What I was writing:


I'm an Italian creative, interested in exploring many passions, from art and design, to technology.

Since I was a child, I've been attracted to all things technology: I used to take my toys apart to understand how in the hell they worked. I didn't play my Game Boy, I played with my Game Boy. 

I have an eclectic educational background that involves a diverse array of creative and tech elements, including design research, creative practice and multidisciplinary experimentation in emerging media technologies.

My vast experience has built me into a digital creative with a strong expertise in both the critical issues confronting the future of digital media, as well as effective strategies for utilizing them.




  • New York University (October 2017-present)
    Casa Italiana Z.M. Creative Producer

  • PI&C NY (May-July 2018)

  • IL Los Angeles (August 2015-May 2017)
    Co-founder and Creative Mind



  • New York University (2017-2019)
    Integrated Digial Media

  • La Sapienza University of Rome (2013-2014)
    M.A. Political Science

  • Year Abroad - University La Sorbonne, Paris (2014)
    Political Science

  • La Sapienza University of Rome (2008-2012)
    B.A. Film and Theater